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1981 Porsche 924 Turbo. 2.0 liter engine 5 speed standard, really nice rims with good tires. This car needs a bit of work, minor body work on one fender, a couple dents pulled, paint has seen better days as its starting to fade. The clutch needs the new clutch slave cylinder bled. Interior needs a good cleaning. This car sat for 2 years before I got it, and I am just starting to to drain and change the fluids... but the car does run. It needs tinkering and I would consider it a project car. In the pictures the car is outside and missing a bumper. I'm putting the bumper back inside and the car is now back inside my storage/workshop. Thanks for checking my add out. I'll throw in 4 spare rims... 3 are good one is bad, not usable. 

I would consider partial or full trade for high end quad core PC computer, could also use an AMD Phenom II 3,4 or 6 core processor AM3 Socket. 
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Insane...absolutely, positively, fucking insane. In case you're wondering what I'm on about, this little cherry-bomb is being sold for 3 figures. Never mind that this 1981 vintage saw the introduction of Digital Ignition Timing (Dzv in factroy parlance), which, I might add, was the forerunner to the Motronic system developed by Bosch. 

And, I might also add, made for far more accurate control of ignition timing over wide ranges of operating conditions which had a profound effect on fuel consumption putting it on par with the 125hp 924 model. What this means is that at around 56mph, this baby managed to get 42mpg while at 75mph, consumption worked out to be 33mpg.

This second generation 924 Turbo had a higher compression ratio at 8.5:1, a smaller, faster reacting KKK turbocharger, power went up from 170bhp to 177bhp while torque climbed from 180 to 184.5lb/ft.

Oh, and the 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds and reaching 100mph in 17.5 seconds, chuck that out the window too. Because if a  top speed of 143mph and only 3312 units worldwide for that year isn't enough to get you running out of the house like a scalded dog to the nearest U-Haul to rent a trailer and steal this thing, then I've completed wasted my time explaining what makes this car so special...and you just don't get it.

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