Up for sale is a one of a kind 1982 Porsche 928, with 103,000 original miles on the body and engine. All exterior is original with newly modified black leather dash/center-console and custom red stitching. 
This landshark has been stored indoor every winter and has never seen snow. Every summer it is greeted with a fresh oil change and driven an easy 2,000 miles to keep the engine running smoothly. Underneath the hood is a strong 4.5L V8 engine which pushes 228 hp stock.
The car still has the original paint so it has a few minor scratches and blemishes associated with normal wear to the exterior. There is a small patch of paint chipped on the rear. The only interior blemishes are small tears in the driver seat and shrunken rear leather quarter panels. The engine runs flawlessly and packs a punch!
Porsche designed the 928 with a front engine which drives a rear-mounted transaxle. The advantage of this design is perfect weight distribution so the driveshaft only experiences torque from the engine speed, rather than the torque multiplied by the 1st gear ratio.The transmission never slips and runs flawlessly as it has double constant velocity joints and drive shafts. The Accelerator "Kickdown" throws a mean punch, especially at higher speeds (which is exactly what Porsche was aiming for with the 928). Top speed boasts 134mph on the track with plenty left to spare. An Italian made ANSA exhaust has been added to give a deep throaty growl and added horse to boost.
Options include a new JVC head unit with remote, electric sliding roof, power windows, hatchback, electric adjustable red leather seats (with two flip down back seats), custom hand wrapped leather console/dash/posts done by the same leather shop out of Michigan that worked on two of Jay Leno's collector cars.

Check out the car's very own website! Voted highest ranked 928 on CarDomain at http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3080989/1982-porsche-928

This is a one of a kind cruising machine that turns heads everywhere it goes. Reply back with a serious inquiry please! Car must go! $4000 or shoot me an offer! I am able to meet up and give you a test-drive or cruise. Give me (Micah) a call at (952) eight five seven-9701.
From the looks of it, this OB got lots of love. Original paint? Leather dash with contrasting stitching? It runs? Hell, I think four grand sounds like a HELL of deal here, don't you? The thing even has its own website. I have seen 928s advertised for close to the same amount of money that look like and drive like absolute shit, so this one is low hanging fruit.

This is the last year for the Normal before the S came out in the US in 1983. She looks unmolested, pretty intact and original...about the only thing I would do to it is pitch the JVC radio and replace it with a Blaupunkt Bamberg radio. 

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Still for sale


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