1987 Porsche 944; 3 owners; very good condition; very nice black leather interior; 5 speed manual transmission; 79,100 miles; water pump and timing belt serviced done at 71,876; 18 inch turbo twist style wheels with good Michelin tires; Also included are the factory phone dial wheels in nice condition with very good Pirelli tires; $7,600; 513-576-1061
I stood there in horror as I watched one of the detailing guys spray clear-coat all over the engine of a freshly detailed car that was going on the lot to be sold. He didn't speak a lick of English, so I tried as best I could to ask him what in the hell he was doing.

He pointed to the wheel slathered with this clear shit all over it they called tire dressing, and then pointed to the engine bay. Understood. Now I know what goes on in this cut-throat business of selling cars...a false impression of a well looked-after example. And this brings me neatly to my point.

There's two classes the used Porsches fall into. One's the tarted up car that, were it a prostitute, is hiding the fact that beneath all of the make-up and Fredericks of Hollywood kit, she has the clap. The other is an honest looking car, baring all the goods with proper patina while not being afraid to show the imperfections, in a word, you know what you're getting...to a degree. 

The latter point is where this little number neatly falls.
I've dealt with guys like this when buying cars and it was always an absolute pleasure. There was an instant bond, like minds in sync. The owner wasn't pulling any punches, and he clearly wanted the car to go to someone who understood it, loved it like he did, the reason for his parting with it is almost immaterial. 

If this car had any flaws, they'd be disclosed honestly, maybe a bit sheepishly. But then you'd realize that whatever the defect that lies beneath the truth of its veneer is reflected in the price.

This is the car you buy and the soon to be previous owner is the kind guy who would like to keep in touch.

el jefe



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