One Portuguese Owner from New.
45.000Kms. Service History.

This Car is incredibe new.
It’s impossible to get in this condition.
Mostly in factory paint, except the front bonnet and wings that were painted by us due to highway marks.
The car is fully original all the keys, books, soft top cover, tools and so one…
It preserve the factory protection film in rear wheels arches!!!
It’s perfect in every respect. It’s impossible to find another one in this condition!
Fully serviced including all the engine belts.
Its a collector piece!

There seems to be conflicting reports on total production figures for this baby. Some sources point to a total of 500 with 100 allocated to the UK, others claim a grand total of 525 units, and then there's the correct figure of 625 units total; 100 claimed for the right-hookers. So, there's a discrepancy of 25 units...and who, but those who own a large collection of small precision screwdrivers, really gives a shit. It's rare enough.

This particular car is being offered in Portugal, so chances are that it's been very well looked after since the Portuguese are very methodical in all matters of upkeep.

The only thing that spoiled it for me is this. This is a car has the largest collection of photographs taken for the purposes of being sold; the largest...ever. So why would a company who put so much thought into this car's presentation fail miserably at expressing it's virtues in poor English. I mean, come on, get a fluent English speaker on the horn and get some pointers from them on the usage of correct grammar. It would've made the presentation that much more polished rather than coming off as a fly-by-night offer, the likes of which are found on Craigslist.

Hell, at least it made me feel better when I commit the occasional errors in spelling and grammar.

Check it out here...but pour yourself a highball, it's gonna take while.


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