Porsche 944 GT2 racecar. complete. needs work. 
has not been raced in many years. dual DCOE Webers. custom intake manifold. roll cage. fuel cell. racing seat. very wide 3 piece wheels. custom rear suspension. guages. MSD ignition. I can make arrangments to ship the car where ever it needs to go. located in Costa Rica, Raced in SCCA for many years. Buyer will need to pay for shipping. I can send pictures. $5500 us dollars
I don't even know where to start.

You know what my first thought was when I saw this thing? Mad Max. But since that movie was done in '79, it would have been an impossibility to use a 944 clad with this sort of dress.

My take on this car is that could be used much like the '40 Fords coupes were during the moonshine running craze, only instead of hauling moonshine and out-driving the pigs, it could haul the finest assortment of smack, snow white, and weed straight through the impassable Darien Gap.

Law men would surely shit themselves at the sight of this beast barreling towards them kicking up rooster tails of mud. But never mind all that silliness, what I'd really like to know is how in the hell did this thing end up in Costa Rica?

el jefe


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