The Shark Motorsport complete racing gear shift lever replaces the original shift-knob with a rigid and backlash-free Aluminium construction with a shift bar lengthof 85mm. 
Compared to the original knob’s vertical location, the sport shift knob is positioned 56 mm higher. The gear shift throw is reduced for 9%. The actual top knob part can be configured with a glossy black plastic ball, a polished Aluminium version.

For perfect function please assure a non-worn gear shift rod bushing. As an option we offer a special version with 11mm shift bolt that allows the shift rod bushing to be repaired while the shift rod stays installed.

The scope of delivery comprises:

  • Racing shift lever base
  • Shift lever bar
  • Knob (choose between black gloss ball or polished aluminium)
  • Sleeve made from genuine leather
Works perfectly together with our short shift kit, please find further information on our homepage shark-motorsport.de
I always dug the polished aluminum shift-knobs of classic Ferraris. But as much I thought of them as works of art, they look out of place in most of our Porsches.

This unit from Germany seems to mimic that design very slightly, but is more performance oriented rather than just another design touch. It's taller for easier hand access from wheel to shifter, and it looks more robust, I just don't know if it'll feel 'right' when you're used to the more stubby stock shifter...

el jefe



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