Breitbau / unique / individual pieces - quasi prototype of a tuning company, which has designed sports car conversions. The car was very expensive restored to its original state.
 A nice talk with the former owner and the granddaddy great car has brought much light on its origin. The conversion at the time DM 218000 For more conversions of this type in shape and dimension no longer comparable with this archetype - a world-wide single piece in the dream state! 
Yes, it's historically important. Yes, it's very rare. And yes, at DM218,000 (USD$152,500 not including the price of the car itself) it was a very expensive conversion done by the famous body tuner, Breitbau.

But, sorry—it's just awful.

Look, I get how important this car is historically, but I can't imagine opening the garage and seeing this red wedge of cheese with my eye directed at a 951 fog lamp/turn indicator crookedly slapped onto an over-sized plastic snow shovel for a front bumper. If Beelzebub drove a 924, it would look like this,

I suppose there wasn't a shortage of tuners at the ready with meters of gauze and barrels of resin to turn a perfectly shaped Porsche into something that pretended to be a Ferrari. I could go on, but I think I've stated my case pretty clearly.

Now, 20 years later, this car might just be visually stimulating with the way car design is headed these days. Maybe the designers were four decades too early with their thinking, I dunno. But I'm willing to bet it will be on parade at Barrett-Jackson with the gavel pounding just south of seven figures...and I'll be the lucky bidder adding this one to my collection.


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