Ugly but solid and fast runs perfect crank up and drive lost title make offer need it gone all resonable offers considered. May trade but best deal is cash comes with bill of sale
Interior is pretty ruff body is solid just needs paint cause clear coat is peeling I started the fenders
Never been wrecked hood needs adjusted and fender 
Trans, engine clutch all good like I said drives fast 
See this forlorn old girl? She's ripe for the pickin.' And you better move fast if you're looking to get into an early 928 because soon enough this sort of ad will be history. Prices will begin creeping up a bit, some owners will know what they're worth, even in this state, and you'll be kicking yourself for missing out on the good old days.

Now, obviously it's not being sold for a dollar, but the potential is there to shake on a good deal. It looks...well, honest in its patina and at least it runs, or so this guy says. 1982 was the last year for the normal US 928 before the S became the new girl on the block in 1983. It has the L-Jetronic injection system, a few good upgrades from the earlier versions, and still has that Old Body (OB) look that remains true to the original design.

Ah, you say, one day...stop; make that one day sometime this week. Drag her home, put her in the garage, car port, your Uncle's barn, where ever..,trust me, you won't regret it.


el jefe


I really like it. Please keep sharing more and more information.


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