1987 Porsche 951 in fair condition. Was in a minor fender bender which damaged the right fender, door, and front bumper cover. 
Replaced both fender and bumper cover, just need to be painted along with the rest of the car. No major rust or other damage. Runs good and can be driven but has not been on the road for a few years. Will need a muffler and battery. Approximately 130K miles. Great winter project, includes complete set of carpet. Has the desirable LSD transmission and a Sport seat on the driver's side.
Turbo, LSD gearbox, airbag, one sports seat, intact cassette cover/armrest, lktaer style offset, all for three grand. I'd say this is a good deal providing the mechanicals are relatively sound. 

I've seen 951s in far worse states than this one. If you can out up with the harlequin colors, the frumpy 16" 968 wheels, the murder weapon behind the front seats, and the Meineke attempt at a turbo silencer,  how could you possibly get hurt here?



el jefe


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