Porsche 968 convertible, garage vehicle is driven only in summer. Had slight Wildunfall front damage but was completely eliminated, no frame damage only paint and sheet metal.
 Timing belt replacement at 115000 km. The vehicle is its age but in very good condition. The mint green color at the time was one of the three colors that were wurden.Es launched a special edition of the Porsche designer Harm Lagaay the introduction of the 968 in total only about 600 produced Porsche 968 convertible
This is the second N4 Mint Green Cabriolet I've seen for sale in Europe, the other was a RHD model in the UK. Aside from the fact that it's been whacked in the nose with no supposed frame damage, I'd buy this one in a minute had I the space. Why? The color...just a superb shade for this 968, and more so the Cab than the Coupe.

But at nearly $27,000, once you figure in shipping, paperwork, taxes, importation...you've gone a big rubbery one. Oh well...



el jefe


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