The best and last iteration of the Porsche in line four cylinder sports/touring cars. With features like a 6 speed close ratio trans, slide back headlamps, variable cam timing, dual mass clutch, counter-balanced engine, and the Weissach axle, the 968 can be a gentleman's cruiser, or a track star. 3 liter, twin cam, 16 valve engine. 
Rear integrated 6 speed gearbox. 17" alloy cup wheels, Massive Porsche disk brakes in bright red, power assist rack and pinion steering make for a potent combo. Powerful AC, fully adjustable leather seating, 8 speaker Sony AM/FM/CD/aux/USB stereo, sunroof, and other amenities make for a comfy commute, or long cruise. Integrated bumpers, halogen headlights, dual airbags integrated roll protection, and more make for a safe companion. Has 2+2 seating for kids, or can fold down for getting big parts in back.
The 968 did it all back in the 90s, and they still look like they can roll off the line at Zuffhausen today. You don't want a Boxter! The engine will fail in a few years. Get a real Porsche. I just completed a long and detailed refurbishment of this car and now I've been driving the heck out of it. Some parts replaced in the past 18 months: Nexen Z rated tires all around, front brakes, brake fluid, master cyl, axle boot, rear shocks, timing and balance belt, thermostat, radiator, AC comp, clutch cylinder, body seals, engine undertray, grill, and much more. Comes with some spares, and service history, as well as the books, orig window sticker($51,000) and marketing materials from 1992. It has been in Texas it's whole life.
A few trim items I'm not going to mess with. Typical cracks in the dash, they look marginal but no problem leaving them. Some cracks in the center seat bottom, will need to be removed, and have a new insert put in, mirror elec adjust not working, I'm messing with it now, and it may be fixed, shifter boot on order, rear wiper removed(working order), dash temp display light out. (red Ferrari not for sale)
If you have $8k, or a Chebby to trade, don't call. If you want to make payments, or are waiting for your tax refund, but want the car now - don't call. If you want to go for a joy ride, and thrash my car - don't call. If you have money, and want to actually buy a car for cash please call and make an appt to view it. Price is set at $9800, and I'm listening to offers. 
Love the color, the price is high, and the seller knows very little about Porsches, probably even less about the Ferrari he claims is parked next to it. That about sums up this ad.

What he needs to understand is that having a Boxster is not a guaranteed engine failure, and the Weissach Axle belonged to the 928. So, rather than pepper the ad with useless rubbish, give us the facts, let us know if you have receipts or not, be upfront about what's under the seat covers, and don't be a smart-ass unless you can construct the ad in a way that'll make the reader chuckle at your humor as opposed to your ignorance.

At least the wheels aren't black...I don't think.



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