Available is a Porsche 968 cylinder head . Included with the head are the intake and exhaust cams, valves, valve tappetts, chain and chain adjuster . Additional Porsche parts available .
Maybe my eyes are having a laugh at me, but I could swear that when I look into the intake ports of cylinders 3 and 4, it looks like the valves are bent. And on this bottom image, it looks like the cams have no teeth. Am I seeing things? If that's the case, then you're buying a cylinder head that can very well be cracked but not visible to the the naked eye after suffering the such a violent death. With this kind of carnage, you can't be sure that the head is usable unless you invest the cash to magna flux and machine it.

On the flip side, cam teeth can be fixed, valves can be replaced, heads can be patched up. You just may be ahead of the game considering that a used head with nothing in it from any Porsche dismantler will cost between USD$2500-3000. Maybe worth it...


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