Bernd Schuster, in May 1979 for the first time inserted National player of the German national team, was first owner of this rather unique offer. This cars has been approved in June 1979, and resigned again in September 1979. 
Since September 1979, the car was in pure collectors hand and was no longer permitted to road transport. The conversion in Carrera GT look iV with chassis and wheels and original body parts tonsillectomy in 1981 after the presentation of the CGT. Fzg This is in absolutely mint, unused original condition and is used by us with current inspection, new HU / AU & H appraisals delivered. Please also visit us on our own website in "Showroom" to find more detailed photos and description of the vehicle. Better yet, make an appointment and visit us in our showroom, where You can look at over 2700 square meters over 150 vehicles issued in peace. possibly listed equipment in detail to be examined separately, as errors and intermediate sale is reserved.
This one had me rummaging through each and every Porsche history book I own, and still I drew a blank. 1979 was the first clue, the Carrera GT was first shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September of that year. The Carrera GTs didn't become public until '80 when production started in August. So where did this thing come from?

There's a turbo, but no intercooler; unless it was behind the front bumper like the GTS, but that would mean the intake manifold would also have to be reshaped and, besides, I think the GTS was presented in '81—2 years away from that bit of engineering. And not only do they not provide a VIN, curiously, the numbers should've have been on the right side of the firewall.

So unless this famous German footballer got an in with Porsche to make him a special "pre-production" 937 tagged GT-L (comfort group) with request to replace the red pin stripes on the seats with white, I'm not sure where else to look for an answer. It even has hood shocks, I suppose that maybe part of the comfort group since it's much too uncomfortable to fumble with a hood stay...and there's a risk getting your hands dirty. 

Nothing makes sense...but the price suggests this 924 may be something special after all. Anything's possible with Porsche, so the search continues.



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