Bought for $2300, OVER $4000 spent on upgrades and maint. 
1986 Garnet Red 944 na 
Bought  December (2012)– bought from a mechanic who got it in a trade – no previous owner records. 
Bought Dec. 12, 2012 - started right up, engine drove strong, transmission drove strong, no power steering working. Steered okay going 55 on Rte 50. 
My local mechanic, who  knows 944’s and 968’s, put it up on his lift. Power steering wasn’t working because the pulley was GONE. Ordered a new ps pump (just to be sure), pulley, and belt. Installed at Bay Street Garage, works perfectly now, steers great. Lower radiator hose looked like the loose pulley had chewed it. It was replaced with new hose. 
Put new speakers in front doors, old ones were too big to fit with the speaker covers. 
I have the new Infinity speakers (cost $55), they were also too big. Was having trouble with stereo. 
Note: Stereo sounded horrible, found out that the fader switch was not working correctly, (as far as I can tell there are no rear speakers but the car came with a fader). It should be bypassed, but for now just jiggling it clears up the stereo.) 
The catalytic converter broke free in April. It has since been replaced. 
In July 2013 I decided to have the major work done on the water pump, timing belt and all rollers etc. I was worried that it hadn’t been done, as I have no receipts for work done prior to my owning it. As it turned out, the old timing belt didn’t look too bad, so it may have been changed by the PO. Either way, no more worries about belt failure and the engine damage it can cause. 
In August 2013 the AC belt was chattering. The tensioner needed replacing. I got the part from Avenue Imparts in Delaware. Bay Street garage owner Bob Orr reinstalled the new one/ 
Strong engine and transmission, no problems with clutch 
New Power Steering pump, pulley, radiator hose Feb 2013 
New tires (Pirelli P4’s) put on in May 2013 
Phone dial alloy wheels are stock 15 in, in pretty good shape, very shiny 
Heat and AC work great 
Window switches on both sides work 
Alpine stereo/CD player 
DME replaced April 2013 
Approx 132,000 miles, odometer and trip odometer , both work 
Interior is rough, seats need to be recovered, carpet should be replaced. 
Dash has an aftermarket cap on it, don’t know condition of dash underneath. 
Center console was discolored, I sprayed it with black vinyl, looks pretty good. The lower dash, which is tan, also has discoloration, should be replaced or sprayed with black vinyl. (interior was 2014 project as it does not affect how the car runs. Since I’ve bought an 89 944 I will not be doing this) 
Feeling some vibration in front. May need ball joint replaced (this was next to be fixed) 
Paint is 85% in great shape, car really shines. There are some spots where the PO didn’t prepare the car very well for paint, passenger fender (front) should be sanded and resprayed. 
Gauges (or sending units) need some work, fuel gauge never reads higher than ¾, volt meter shows less than 12, but mechanic checked the system and it read fine, always charge battery, always starts. Oil pressure works perfectly.


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