Black with Black interior. Silver PORSCHE banner down the side of the doors.
The car runs good, and starts every time.

5 speed manual transmission - 4 cylinder engine (same engine as the Porsche 944)

The odometer was broke for the past two years, but the last owner barely drove the thing (I have repair papers and inspection sheets to show). I have since fixed the odometer gear and it works perfectly now. Mileage shows 94809 miles currently.

Timing belt was done 4 years ago.

Clutch was done in 2006, but only several thousand miles have been put on it since.

New ball joints in the front.

Transmission fluid replaced in 2009.

Brakes are fairly new and tires have plenty of tread.

Seats are cracked and tore, dash is cracked but has a plastic dash covering it, and the car has very very small dents on the passenger side and front fenders. Interior needs some work.

I have 3 Haynes manuals, and 1 electronic manual on a disk that are included.

Trades must be worth the vehicle value, which as I have searched, they go for $3000. Just let me know what you have.

Trade - nice large mechanic tool boxes, mechanic tools, motor vehicles / classics / motorcycles / etc., guns / ammo, 8 lug truck wheel/tires, trailers
See this image? That right there is a MOMO prototipo steering wheel...a classic harking back to Porsche's racing days in the 70's. I've never seen one on a water-cooled Porsche until this one, it's really one of my favorites looking just right on any pre-98 model. 

I'm not sure if I have enough guns and ammo to trade though, but I think $1500 and a case of Schlitz is fair enough for one of the best and last of the 924 series...I even like the Porsche script.



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