Car was born Turbo CUP (Nr chassis dedicated WPOZZZ95ZHN104 ...) model / year 1987, purchased new in 1988 from the first owner who used to participate in the Porsche Club Championship in 1988 and Italy in 1989. In seasons where I race 'was' followed by 'Workshop Borradori (CH), which not care' even the approval stradalein Italy. 

remained for many years in the garage ', now, again presented in its original form. It has all the period details such as the rollbar Matter aluminum, magnesium rims, Recaro race seat, .... 

real opportunity for those who want to buy a REAL Porsche racing 80s.
I remember seeing one of these babies on US eBay for some insane figure of like USD$130,000. I don't remember the particulars, maybe it was low mileage, owned by someone famous...I can't say. But this one's asking price is nearly half.

It's got 52,455km (32,594 miles) on the clock, very probably driven hard and put away wet, but apparently she's been in storage...and there's no engine photos. Curious. By not showing photos of the 250hp lump, you leave the potential buyer with a big rubbery one, especially when leaving off the last 3 digits of the VIN. Che diamine, testa di cazzo?

Still, it's worth a look if you're in Italy, especially since only 94 ROWs were made that year...but something seems off. I dunno, maybe it's just me.



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