Porsche 968 CS in a very nice and good condition originally shipped in Japan. 
Japanese service history. everything looks perfect: the paint, interior, engine compartment, etc. . Completely free of rust and accident free The arms, wheel arches, suspension etc . still with like new. Clubsport This is largely accident free and still in the first coat. paint Our measurements show that the hood is painted, probably because of the light stone chips and / or scratches. 
Available Options: Club Sport version
Yellow is one of those colors that takes a special kind of enthusiast to embrace unconditionally. I always sort of shrugged my shoulders with my lips down turned as if to say, "ummmm, it's ok, I guess" whenever I saw a car with such a shade in the flesh. But this...this one Ieft me salivating like a dog eyeballing a hunk of juicy steak—really it did.

This Japanese import wears it so well that there's no doubt in my mind about seeing myself in this thing in all of it's loud Speed Yellow obnoxiousness roaring down to the boozer for a case of Founders. Nevermind the fact that it's a rare Club Sport version lightened by only 50kg from stock, or that the numbers are few, 1923 I think was the last tally; this machine is a reason to sell a kidney on the black market because you've depleted your funds on a huge Porsche collection.

It's the kind of car you'd want in your possession just to have a reason to get up at 3:15am, pop down to the garage, give it a long stare...maybe a caress, and just go out for a romp—alone. It really can't get any better...unless you also have a temperamental Ferrari 250 Lusso for when you crave the sound of ripping canvas only a Columbo V-12 can produce...in a more discreet hue.




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