You are bidding on an original new Porsche Classic fuel canister. 
It is suitable for the transport of petrol and diesel. 
The capacity is a maximum of 5 liters. 
ISO 8317 (2003) 
TÜV - approved! 
A rag with Porsche logo is included. 
Product is new and undamaged. 
The canister is supplied empty, without fuel.

The good old days when Porsche thought you could handle things yourself, these days all you get is a "spare in a can," and maybe a pair of vinyl gloves. Oh well, at least we still own the models that were meant to be fixed by the driver on the side of the road...well, almost. 

What strikes me is the rag that comes with it...are they encouraging one to make a Molotov Cocktail when you're feeling impending doom? Maybe they were thinking ahead and had you covered in case you have the trots while driving with nothing to wipe with.

I also notice that it even comes with a diesel nozzle in case your Junior Tractor runs out of juice in the middle of your Cannabis or Poppy harvest...that would be a bummer. Curious.

the rag is a nice even comes with a diesel nozzle.


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