Service book, 49700 km  Paint garage vehicle in collector condition, timing belt new.
I think I posted a 931 with lower mileage than this one a ways back—and the price was less than half of this one. It had it original paint, (unlike this one), the original air compressor, (unlike this one), it was a year or two younger which meant it had the Digital Ignition Timing making it much sweeter, (unlike this one), and it had the Gullideckel wheels which I think suits the 931 best, (unlike this one). 

So why is there such a premium on a car with less horsepower, lower compression ratio, and fitted with a crude turbocharger from a truck? Dunno. Had it been an 81, paying this price, although high, would've been worth being bent over the barrel. 

Maybe the German market can bear a price such as this for a slightly less refined version of the 931, but I seriously doubt it, especially for a re-spray. Before I leave you to the pictures, let me ask you something. If your were selling a car this clean (seemingly) for a hefty sum, couldn't you do better than grunt an incomplete sentence? I'm sure you would've, at least a paragraph or two.

You be the judge...



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