I'll be bringing a good running and driving 1984 Porsche 944 Euro spec and sunroof factory delete to the PCA swap meet at Hershey this sat. 4/19 The Euro spec 944 has the higher compression 10.6-1 pistons apx 20 hp more than the US version. The reshoot paint is bad, no rust. All of the glass, fiberglass, exhaust, brakes, lights, are in good condition. It was parked for apx 5 years. I drained the fuel, added a new fuel pump, serviced the injectors, plugs, fluids. 190 psi across all 4 cylinders. The seats are serviceable but the drivers has a couple tears, dash has a cover. Perfect track candidate.
Rarely, I mean rarely do I come across a euro 944. Even more rare is the fact that it has no sunroof. Forget about that tracking business, this baby is ripe for a proper restoration with some tasteful modification to make it one hell of 944...just the euro bumper set-up alone is roughly half of his asking price. How could you get hurt at this price?

Hopefully the feds didn't butcher the thing up too much, ahem, black broomstick in the door frames.

Check it out:




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