944 Turbo newly delivered in France, direct from 1st. owner with an incredible original mileage of only 19,591. Incredible history, documented monthly by the owner.
Of course all of the original books, maintenance bills, test certificates, the original order and invoice are available.

Equipped with the follwoing options: sport seats, sport steering wheel 363mm, ABS, central locking, alarm system, heat reflective windscreen with green tape, metallic paint, right mirror. Always been the dream of the owner to possess a 944 Turbo.

Always been cherished, never driven in rain and certainly never used in winter. Seats were always protected by seat covers, center console fitted with carpets to avoid damage at the conclusion of the seat belts, carpet with 2 sets of mats and plastic. The bottom, the chassis are in the same state as when the car left the factory, no pollution, not touched and in the original wax. Unique car in a fantastic color combination.

Brand: Porsche

Type: 944 Turbo

Motor: 4cil. 2479cc 162kw/220hp gasolibe manual transmission 5 speed

Mileage: 19.591 km

YearNovember:  1986

Colour: Exterior LY6Y Nilgrün Metallic, interior leather imitation/fabric black with Porsche logo

Price: € 38.500,00

I nearly wept...honestly. Seeing any vintage Porsche in this kind of showroom condition, literally, will do that to the passionate sort like me. 

This is the closest I will ever come to reliving the moments of when I saw a 944 Turbo in the showroom as a 14 year old and just poured over the thing, brochures clutched in my sweaty hand. What I cherish most is that these 41 year old eyes have much more experience and can appreciate all of the details that pertain to a time capsule such as this...like cosmoline.

Look at the thing, will ya? Everything is just so perfect, I just question why the hell someone would buy a car and barely use it in 28 years; probably a collector, or eccentric, or maybe even a drunk whose lost his license for life and just couldn't bring himself to part with such a specimen.

The other thing? Orange peel...I never noticed such a thing on a 944. I am alone in this? Neckarsulm was a high quality operation, my parent's '86 Audi 5000S didn't have orange peel, why am I seeing this on a much more expensive car? I want to believe it's the light, the camera, I dunno...but when you look at the door sills, the paint looks like glass. Hell, I'll take it anyway...excessive self-indulgence as a spotty teen has left me nearly blind—I won't even see the orange peel in a few years.




04/04/2014 22:23

I've seen factory orange-peel on low mile 928s too.


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