The last "official" count of 944 Turbo cabs that I have on record was around the 625 100 of these were right hookers specifically for the UK market, so if you're keeping track of the rarest of rare 944s, this one is it.
I have to say, a car this special should've been better advertised. It's kinda like putting Picasso's "Guernica" on Craigslist, it's a disservice to its rarity. 100 were made...100. With exclusive door sill decals proclaiming its provenance from Porsche Official Centre Yorkshire, and mileage just hovering around 42,000km, this ad should not have the hirsute photographer's shadow, or pointless shots at poor angles, with poor lighting...and the description should be a bit more than this pathetic sentence:

944 Turbo Cabrio in indischrot, Leder schwarz 1.Hand, unfallfrei,
scheckheftgepflegt, - Rechtslenker

Am I too critical? Bet your ass I am, a car like this demands a modicum of respect, you're asking nearly forty six grand...hire a photographer for chrissakes. Aside from the presentation, this baby is priced to go. 

None were imported into the US, so if you decide to bring her state-side, you get to drive up to a Mickey D's backwards to pick up your Big Mac and fries, and possibly convince the USPS to offer you a contract to deliver mail in rich neighborhoods...the car will pay for itself in no time.



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