Recently, this GTS was selected by Porsche to be included in their Panamera launch commercial/media called “Family Tree.”  We have countless pictures from the event.  The car is even included in the promotional poster produced by Porsche (included/see pics).  
I spoke with Jim Doerr over at 928 Classics for a good hour and a half today, it's always an inspiring, spirited chat covering lots of ground. Needless to say, I always feel supercharged after such an occasion. But that high got sopped up by this ad.

I dunno; too much info all over the place, the silly price ten bucks shy of 100 large...what should have been a dynamite ad making one all hot and bothered turned me into a wet noodle. Why? Well, it reeked of a cheap "dealership" too much. This should've been a boutique kinda sale with a car of this much provenance. Instead, it was pitched in an amateur way.

What had me letting out a sigh and reaching for the Jack was that nearly every image had the unimaginative dealer name watermarked across each shot. When selling a car as special as this, you need to exercise a bit of class and taste...that shit just didn't sit right with me and by the time I was looking at the third image, I lost interest.

I understand the proprietor is a pretty passionate guy when it comes to Porsches and a good cat to deal with, but the ad could've been handled better. What can I say, it's my left brain doing the yapping.

I'll leave it to you...



Mark Pennington
04/13/2014 08:11

Or buy a much nicer 1995 Euro-spec car with full leather instead of the plastic interior of a US version. Pay less, even after duties, shipping and conversion... This for example:


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