1978 Porsche 928 red with tan interior. Lots of upgrades and new parts. I have $27k in receipts over the last 13 years. Car has 69k miles on it. Some of the upgrades and updates include: New timing belt, new exhaust, front seats re-upholstered with Porsche leather, clutch and transmission were dropped and sent to 928 Specialists out in California and rebuilt, short shift kit. Its one of the nicest 928's around. Schedule a test drive and see how awesome this car is!
this is how you sell a car. not only was I 
by the vintage of this 928; 
the lighting, backdrop, and 
of this baby took me further into 
the depths of lust.

maybe it was the indischrot dress,
her sure-footed pose from 
the three-quarter rear shot...
I think
the combination of her curves
flowing into each other
from this angle
made me realize how lucky I am
to own one.

yea, that was the shot that sold me.
every other shot 
was more of a tease, 
you know?
like a woman uncrossing her legs
and giving you
a quick flash of inner thigh.

it all goes to show you
how one's emotions 
are so 
easily stirred.

I guess I haven't found the bottom
of this love chasm
I've fallen into with 928s.

I don't think I ever will.





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