Guards Red, Pascha interior, 5 speed manual, 16¿ alloys, Extended leather pack including dash and centre console, Non sunroof, Electric seats, Cassette player and Air conditioner., , Sold by Lancaster Garages in Norwich new in May 1980, this manual, non-sunroof 928 has only had 4 keepers in 34 years.
 RPM recommissioned the car in 2012 after a decade of being used very sparingly (MOT’s show the car had only done 93k in 1995!) The car underwent a thorough mechanical overhaul including; Removal of engine, 4.7 camshaft fitted, engine oil seals, rollers and bearings replaced as required, Exhaust manifolds, Engine mounts, Alternator, Battery, Rebuilt cam belt tensioner, New suspension units, Complete exhaust system inc X-pipe, Major service, Coolant change, Wheel refurbishment, Fresh tyres, New fuel line and final Set up timing, co2 and idle. This work totalled over £10,000., , We are delighted to have back in this stunning example of an early 928 which has been kept in fine condition and been lavished with money. Cars like this are becoming even more popular for collections and demand has significantly increased in recent years.
My wife had to hold me down...literally. First, I jumped up out of my chair, then I reached for the wine bottle like a madman and took a good long pull. When I felt my blood pumping through me in huge spurts I decided to compose myself before I really lost control...not since acquiring our own early 928 did I get such a boner for an OB.

Look at this baby. It's nearly perfect considering its age and mileage. No sunroof, a 5-speed gearbox, and a lovely Pascha interior in with warm brown and beige pigments. I think, if the ad turns out to be honest and the car isn't a dolled-up wreck, that nearly twenty-six grand is a fair premium to pay for an example like this...the only thing stopping me from totally loving this car is that I'd have to commit driving on the right side of the road with the controls on the wrong side to enjoy it.



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