A porsche 924 turbo, got it as a project car but it turned out it would take longer then I thought it would. The clutch slave needs to be installed, needs a battery, when we started the engine it runs smooth with no ticking but however it does smoke. 
It has a quick release steering wheel, upgraded suspension, back wheels have been turned into disk brakes from drums. And it looks like there was engine work done. The only reason why I'm asking this much is because the glass, plastic and lights and other things are worth a lot if sold for parts. Its just taking up too much space to keep it anymore. It would make a great project car, or parts car. Also you can have the extra rims for it and the full tear down and rebuild book
if you can look beyond
the steering wheel ripped off from an
amusement park ride,
and the strut brace made from a 
coat hanger,
this is great car to pick up for

'82 was also a very good year for 931s.
5-bolt hubs
Siemens engineered ECU mapping
928 floating calipers
Gullideckel wheels...

eh, what's 1000 bucks
the seller's right about one thing
you can make that money back
selling off the parts.

hell, the quick release wheel
is grounds for a visit
just to see how it




gary oneil
05/07/2016 12:03

is the porsche still for sale. i would like to take a look at it.
thanks gary please call if so 860 383 3166


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