Very cool Porsche 944 Turbo Cabriolet. This rare Porsche needs some minor points but wrong for the rest are fine! The car is being carried out with RadioCD player, Electrically adjustable seats, Electric windows, light alloy wheels, etc. For more information or to make an appointment to view the car please call 06-53743950.
it's not about the mileage. 257,483km translates to somewhere around 160,000 miles...technically low miles for a car of this vintage. it's the subtle clues of neglect I'm seeing on this rare girl. call me picky, but the owner cheaped out on the rear silencer, the seat's torn, and who knows what lurks under the engine trays. on a car this complex, lots of shit like a clutch, power-steering rack, oil cooler lines, ball joints, not to mention leaks, and worn synchros can set you back a ways...

although the car is rare, about 500 units for left-hand drive countries and about 100 for right-hookers, me thinks the price is a bit on the optimistic side. and as much as I love Porsche's winter wheels she currently wears, she'd race the pulse a bit more with her summer heels. they do look cool, though.

I'd hit it.

el jefe

found on Autotrader in the Netherlands.



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