One owner, 3800 miles. Showroom condition. Not another available in the USA of this class. Taking serious offers and appointments from qualified individuals. 8000 in maintaining last month.

Possible Trades for real estate or interesting items.

100% original and dealer maintained. All service records available. 

Emails only at this time.

$100,000.00 trade or offers.
so let me see if I've got this right.

he wants want 100 large for a car that maybe...maybe is worth half of that; and the temperature gauge is busted? I'd knock of $50,000 just for that.

and then he'll consider trading real estate? I'll give him that, but the property I'm thinking is a double-wide with the wheels off. and just how will one know if they're qualified? blood test? urine test? stool sample?

look, I've seen some insane shit on Craigslist...but this one beat 'em all this week. bad pictures, silly claims, and it's on a website that's free to list. sorry dude, you're credibility just went down the shitter.  

nice car, though.



06/06/2014 08:42

As a fellow Guards Red 968 owner (CS!) with a vested interest in increased values, I wish him all the luck in the world :-)

Sell that bitch hard, baby!!

07/04/2014 10:05

Wrong seats for a 1994 968?


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