"impossible, Jim" I said

"no way could a '78 be offered in October of '76...or could it?"

"no way...that I could think of." he said,
"would have to have been a prototype. 
But that interior looks like a later build,
not pre-prod or proto-looking."

"yep," I said

"the Spec book has a manufacture year
of 1977/1978 for MY1978...there's no MY77.

the VIN would be helpful...imagine if the
fourth digit was "7" indicating a MY1977."

"Haha, that would be a white whale." he said

the whole fascination of the thing was the German registration date of 10/1976, clearly one would think that the finger would point to a Model Year 1977...but there was no such thing, and that's why I had to talk to Jim Doerr of 928 Classics about this one.

it was very possible that this 928 was in fact a very early MY78 being offered near the end of 1976, without the VIN, it's difficult to be sure. the VINs on 78-79 928s begins with "928" followed by the year (the fourth digit) which the factory started with "8" that tells us it's a MY78, and a "9," well, I won't insult your intelect...you get it. MY1980 changed the VIN around to begin with "92" with the third digit being a letter rather than a number, so "A," the second digit, meant 1980 model year, "B' 1981 and so forth.

the VIN on this old girl would have to be 928810xxxx.

broken down:

928=vehicle type
8=model year (1978)
1=engine (4.5 liter Europe/ROW)
0=body version (coupe)
xxxx=serial number

what makes this car interesting is the plaid interior with manual seats...I rarely see a 928 sporting such interior dress...I was intrigued, so I busted Jim's balls about this observation too.

back and forth we went...I had the '78 brochure, but it didn't have the interior trim options. then I asked Jim if he had it; nope, he had the brochure too, but no interior trim swatches.

to put this thing to rest, I just had to find out what code the Tartan cloth interior was...BAM; I found it...and, of course I shared it with Jim.

this Tartan color combo was coded "AL6 brown/brown-beige." right, the only thing left was the exterior color...with my eyes compromised from years of self-abuse, it looked to me, with a squint, like Moonstone, but Jim thought it more hellblau-metallic, a '79 color.


aside from the asking price, which I think is a wonderful thing to see on these early models, the thing that kinda spoiled the look was the M418 side protection moldings...rub strips in working class parlance; it detracted form the cleeeeean shape of what is arguably the most beautiful of the 928 series.

I'll leave it there...check this thing out for yourself; I also have a translation of the original ad at the bottom


The offered amazing copy second hand, is in an admirable original condition. A completely documented, extremely interesting history and "matching number" make this vehicle a real rarity. The first owner was the development center in Weissach. Remarkably the entry is stamped in the service book: Extradition 1976.

Equally rare, if not unique, the interior is: plaid in brown / beige. In the birth certificate as optional equipment, larger battery, air conditioning, second door mirrors and impact dampers are noted. 

This unique piece is located in an exceptionally good and pristine condition. The Grand Turismo offers, besides a still revolutionary design, by a remarkably well-preserved interiors and the glossy original paint. Some minor scratches and dents here and there that have not been resolved consciously perceptible. 

The front passenger door was to the rear fender, because of a scratch, painted. Otherwise, the car is accident-and nachlackierungsfrei. The dashboard is also free of cracks and not faded. The overall impression is approximately 20,000 km mileage. In the service book the complete maintenance only by PORSCHE is documented and there are many bills before. So is the technically faultless condition to explain. 

Everything works like the first day. The Porsche 928 belonging to the 3 keys, tool kit, spare wheel with compressor, jack are available. The original PORSCHE Blaupunkt radio with electric antenna receives on all four wavebands. The last rule inspection was carried out at Km 117 043 Porsche Munich. Also at Porsche received No: 083, on 20.09.2013, a new clutch and Antriebswelle.Es is hard to find a comparable, unrestored excellently documented 928. For PORSCHE 928 was a milestone. The investment for the future! Munich. Matching accessories in VW Radio Bluetooth Porsche 996 tires Engine Oil 0W40 Bicycle carrier


08/25/2014 11:25

Hey folks,

I just inspected the car.
Not a 76 imho. All paperwork indicates a first registration in 06/78.
Except one handwritten note in the maintenance record which states 10/76. Must be a typo. First maintenance was in 7/78 @ 1500 km. VIN: 9288102083.

Nice car though. But clearly overpriced in my opinion.



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