This car has been my pride and joy for over 20 years. The car has appoximately 3500 miles on it. The car runs and drives EXCELLENT! This car will turn heads wherever you go. It has finished 1st place in the 1994 World of Wheels car show. It has also won numerous 1st place in other car shows. 
The motor buy its self $10.000 to put togather. ( 10 sec motor )
even if Dr. Fuhrmann and Herr Bott rounded up the engineers at Weissach and passed around bottles of Cisco (aka liquid crack), fistfuls of ludes, and asked to "have at it" and come up with some out of the box ideas for the 924's successor, would they come up with this shit.


this here is a product of good old fashioned Amuhrican ingenuity. stuffing the V8 in the 924's engine bay is a no-brainer, but getting those 2 foot tires under her rump, ah, you see, that's what separates the men from the boys.

the kicker is that this things seems to be street-legal, according to it's creator..."runs and drives EXCELLENT!"


the engineering of the thing sounds pretty impressive too. thought the 928's V8 was high revving? this one has shift points at 7500-8000RPM. I dunno...but it sure looks like a hoot. if I had 12 large burning a hole in my pocket, I'd snatch this baby up and drive her to the next Porsche Parade...just to piss-off the purists.


383 Chevy Stroker

Dynoe 7500 rpm 510 h.p.
Corrillo stainless rods
11.5 to 1 brooks pistons
Crane roller cam
Crane rockers 1.6
Crane stud girdle
780 cfm holley duel line
MSDs Dis & Igan
202 Angle Plugheads
Balanced and Blue printed


Mark Williams mini 4:56 gear
Morrison 4 link end section


Coan 350 turbo
Coan 4500 stall
Shift points 7500 - 8000
B & M shifter


Custom 2 " x 3 " tube chassis
Competition Wheely Bars
Custom Interior
6 p.t. Roll Bar
Exhaust 2.5 pipes / Flow masters
Custom Rear Spoiler / Parachute


Firestone 165 R 15 86T
Mickey Thompson Sportsmaster 33X19 50 - 15LT 


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