Porsche Mercury Mercruiser 928 S4 Automotive or Marine Inboard Outboard High RPM Motor Engine Bravo Drive Running Professionally Rebuilt Tested, never installed before put in to storage 4 years ago. Includes exhaust manifolds, risers, water pump, electrical components control box, heat exchanger, everything pictured. Recommend flushing cooling system, fresh oil, dust removal before installation. Inspections held in Greenwich, CT Call for questions. Prepared for 30' Tempest sold hull never installed.
Mercedes-Benz's three pointed star was designed to signify the use of their engines on land, sea, and air...well, Porsche's engines covered the same territory, although not officially.

the 5 liter bi-turbo 928 marine engine Typ M28/70 ordered by Jacki Ickx on display in the Porsche museum is proof of that. but we can't exclude the tinkerers of the world who have managed to successfully convert these power plants for the same purpose.

insane? sure...the only thing I'd worry about is using sea water as coolant on an alloy engine. other than that, I'd love to look back at the stern and see two jets of water and the churned up sea this baby makes while chugging a beer.




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