1978 Porsche 928, 1st year of this iconic classic, pretty rare in any condition! Manual trans., no sunroof, 125,819 miles, green/black, very original, body straight, looks like a total disassemble and re-paint(noticed some peeling/cracking around rear window adjacent to hatchback) original color, lots of work done to it in the last few years(inc. new head gaskets, cam cover gaskets, timing belt/water pump, ignition wires, filters, new Behr radiator, ignition components) but needs to be sorted out additionally, tires good, orig. telephone dial wheels, electric windows work, front wipers & rear wiper working, seats dry, gearshift wobbly with bad 2nd gear synchro, starts right up, drives, stops, no state inspec., clean title, sold "as is", contact Rob
the above two images should be a pretty clear indication of what kind of owner(s) this car has had. the other two things that points to dedicated steward is the tech-spec booklet and the new radiator...that's around 1000 large.

finding a first year 928 that supposedly runs and drives is rarity. these are the very cars that a well-known publication recommends staying away from year after year after year...yea, it's a broken record. listen to me, ignore what people who don't own these cars have to say—if you want to really know what you're getting into, I can help and so can my brother Jim Doerr at 928 Classics.

with only 3,860 made that year only 1,139 came to the US and Canada...that's not a lot. not only would you be buying one of Porsche's greatest GTs, you'd be acquiring the purest rendition of Möbius' original design. and if the seller if very flexible with the asking price, you'd be one of the lucky ones to drive this old girl home after the ink dries rather than loading it on a flatbed.

go ahead and do the nicest thing you've ever done for yourself.




09/20/2014 09:42

Good read, Pablo!
I'm not sure most really understand how rare an early 928 like this is. To find a good example where it's being improved vs rotting in the backyard makes it particularly rare.


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