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I am selling my mint condition 1982 Porsche 928 with only 79k original documented miles. Always professionally serviced at Huntington Porsche. I have a stack of service records. It really didnt need much over the years just mostly routine maintenance. The car always starts right up and performs like new. It drives smooth and straight. The clutch feels like new. Everything but the fuel gauge works as it should. Yes, even the clock!
Comes with Sony stereo system. The car was professionally painted about 8 years ago and has been in the garage since except occasional jaunts here and there so the car didn't deteriorate. 

Always garaged, never smoked in, no accidents. Two owners since new. First owner for a few years and second owner since the mid 80's.

Brand new Pirelli P4000 tires all the way around. Super shiny paint. Immaculate interior except the dash vinyl is pulling away a bit, It can probably be affixed with adhesive. Underneath is not a rust bucket at all. 

This is a beautiful 928 that elicits compliments everywhere I take her. Rare 5 speed manual transmission. All maintenance is up to date and ready to enjoy!
I am willing to drive it to Porsche or any local mechanic of your choice for a prepurchase inspection. If you have any questions or would like to make an offer feel free to call, text, or email me anytime.
I was unfair to this vintage without a real good justification...

I can't blame it on the 85 mph federally mandated speedometer that graced the binnacle of 928s from 1980 to 1982, but that may have had a small effect on my bias. nor could I blame the puny 15" chickenshit standard issue phone dials either because this could be what's my problem?

I guess I don't have a valid issue other than looking at an '82 once that left an awful impression on me.

you see, 'cause when I look at this car, I cock my head a bit to the left and say to myself,  "you know what? that's a very pretty car." and it is.

'82 was the last year for the "normal" 928 before the S came to our shores in 1983. By this time, Porsche had figured out a few things production-wise and fixed a lot of the niggles that plagued the earlier examples. It was classic Porsche style - slow, incremental evolution of the species that guaranteed each new version better in some way than the one before it. Case in point, fuel delivery.
The Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection system brought the 928 into '80s. This system introduced in MY 1980 replaced the CIS K-Jet and promised to be a bit sweeter than it's predecessor...less fussy. The engine number for this model should be the M28.15 with a 9.0:1 compression ratio paired with the G28.05 manual gearbox. A three-way catalyst, air pump, O2 sensor, and central cold-start injection helped the new car meet stricter Federal emissions regulations. Aside from that, the other differences were in the suspension and interior and options.

The suspension in the front sported a new geometry while at the rear, a new tubular steel 22.5mm anti-roll was used. There was also a new front sub frame, wiper motor, and clutch pedal. On the inside, sport sears were available as an option and the iconic button on the side of the seat to access the back was replaced by a lever. The lovely Lapine designed 3-spoke steering wheel was replaced by the 4-spoke as standard fare midway in production. Besides a $1000 price reduction from the previous year, more options became available like a digital radio/cassette, amplifier, custom leather trim, and protective rub strips on the outside.
one thing this car does have over my all time favorite '78-'79 is 265 lb-ft of torque...that's 20 more than the US spec engine Typ M28.03/04 put out. and judging by the write-up, this looks like an owner who actually gave a damn about this car...

for the price of a later model used Jap-something or other made of pressed beer cans, you can own this wonderful piece of history...I just saw solved the error in my ways.



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