For sale 1985 porsche 944 2.5v in good condition a/c power lock it have new gas pomp and all filter, water pomp timing belt new injectors all new for more inf call me at
after writing that piece for the Porsche Club of America about collectibility and the "upside of a downside," here's a perfect example of coming into a great future classic for what looks to be a very reasonable price.

1900 bucks...come on, look at this thing. the condition of the seats alone are speaking volumes to me. for the price of a timing belt job, you'd be getting an mid-year build with the desirable oval dash, burgundy leather interior with fully electronically adjustable front seats...that are HEATED! You almost never see this option on a 944. 

so it's an automatic...big deal. if the little lady doesn't drive stick and you wanna let her in on what all this Porsche passion stuff you keep going on about is, here's your chance to get her hooked. you've got some time to think about it because this very fact is probably the reason why it's priced low and will be advertised for a few months with no takers.

check out the Hagerty valuation chart below...a condition 4 car that you'd probably have to drag home on a trailer is worth USD$3400...she's priced to sell baby!



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