1989 Porsche 944 5 speed manual, good tires, Car is not perfect but runs and drives great interior needs some work but everything else good
1900 must be the popular number disinterested 944 sellers use as an asking price...I'm not sure this guy knows just how special this car is...in case you didn't know, 1989 was the last year for the 8-valve normally aspirated 944 and the only year it was offered as a 2,7 liter.

only 10,593 total production with 5,652 and if we conservatively cut that number by say 1/3 to compensate for losses, we're looking at 1,884 between us and Canada. the 2,7 shares the same block as the 944S2 and 968 as the bore was increased from 100mm to 104mm but carries over the same 78.9mm stroke as the earlier 2,5. with a 10.9:1 compression ratio, 165bhp and 166 lb ft of torque, it had a bit more punch than the outgoing lump that packed slightly less horsepower, 2 to be exact, and 15 lb ft less of torque. oh, and ABS was standard.

the 944S2 and 968 made 3,0 liters not by increasing the bore, but by lengthening the stroke to 88mm. aside from that, this 2,7 has a head with bigger valves which makes it a popular item for those with 2,5 liter turbos. so, now that we know how valuable the engine is, and the seller isn't stating that there's anything wrong with it, how can you get hurt at this price?




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