report by el jefe

I was angered at first, as if I were in the loo with a bad case of the trots and no toilet paper left for me to clean myself with. but then, someone heard my cries of despair and shoved a wad of paper under the stall...suddenly, the bright side appeared and all was right with the world and this 968.
hang on a minute...before you cast it off like I did and wish ill-will to the person responsible for turning a rare 968 Cab into this swollen-fendered aberration, take a look at it again.

now picture it without the silly wing...and then picture it as a coupé.

if you have any sort of vision, you'll see that it wouldn't be too terrible with those two equations in the mix. aside from the inexcusably horrible photography that an epileptic during an episode would've shot better, and the ridiculous price, this would make a great basis for a Le Mans private entry...just look at the rear shot, the proportions are just right.

no other details were mentioned about this car, which is a shame because I'd would've liked to have known the story behind it. a lot of cash went into this thing...a lot; and unless there's something else about this whip that's very special other than wearing a König kit, I can't see how the asking price of this private sale bears any logic.



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