I used to love it when my parent's Audi 5000S needed to go the dealer for some repair that usually involved the power steering system.

it was the mid-eighties, I was just becoming a teen and what that meant for me was chance to be intimate with the Porsches in the showroom. it was also an opportunity to collect every single brochure, pamphlet, poster, or anything else the factory decided to print on paper about its models.

I never went home empty handed.
it's only when I troll through eBay that I realize how much more literature there was about these vintage Porsches that I missed...like this 968 CS werkfoto. as a historian, these vignettes are very significant since they give me yet another glimpse of these models that have very little published about them in the first place.

nearly 30 some-odd years later, I'm still collecting pieces like these that help me put together the greatest puzzle in automotive history...that of early water cooled Porsches.

this one is currently for sale on ebay:



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