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The vehicle comes from Switzerland and is declared. The har 2.Besitzer the vehicle completely restored . Old - Timer approval possible . H flag . History , bills and all documents are available . Completely repainted and parts for ca.11500 Euro built in recent times. Roof almost new !!! Logged with Scheckheft.Seit 1995 and was in the garage bzw.wurde restored . The condition is very good indeed !!!! For questions, please contact us. Automatic transmission shifts very clean . All oils are new. !!! Dream car in top condition !!! Roof almost new. TUV / Au is made at the request !! All papers / documents , user manual , service book available .
the prayer rugs.

that's the only thing holding me back from giving this car the Swedish five thumbs up. look, I'm not one for these 924 Bauer or Bauer-esque conversions simply because they never looked right. you have what resembles an over-sized rump looking like it's being dragged on the ground. difficult as it may seem to believe from these unflattering compliments, though, I have much respect for this car for lots of reasons.

one of them is the historical significance this 924 has. these "convertibles" were made because there was a demand. they catered to a 924 and early 944 Porsche-buying public that wanted their new symbol of prestige without a roof, and Porsche wasn't ready to give it to 'em yet...they'd have to wait at least seven years when the Studie 944, designed by none other than the master Tony Lapine, was shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1985.

you'd thnk Porsche would have learned from their experiences with the 356 Convertible D, Speedster, and 911 Targa soft window Targa that, yes, there was a market lusting for open air motoring, but they either failed to listen or just didn't have the resources to offer two versions of a model. this is exactly how Bauer slipped in the back door with the the drop head 924 and 944 conversions and 
Frank Rinderknecht of Rinspeed with the 911 Turbo.

CEO Peter Schutz knew this which is why he decided that every new Porsche designed under his tenure should be engineered as a convertible from the start to avoid costly and time consuming exercises after the fact. it took tons and tons of research to develop the 911 SC Cabriolet which in turn wasted lots of valuable "market sensitive" years resulting in lost sales.

that's why this little car is important in Porsche history. not because Porsche missed out, but because we're seeing what "could've been" had Dr. Fuhrmann followed Schutz's ideology nearly ten years before he took the helm.

the other reason I'm giving props to this baby is the condition that it's in. a 924 with an automatic is usually fair game to be beaten, neglected, and left out in the rain. this one was not only saved, but also serves as living proof that there are sensibly-minded enthusiasts who actually care about these entry level Porsches that would otherwise be passed up.

go out make this old girl yours...and while you're at it, ditch the prayer rugs and replace them with proper Porsche mats for chrissakes.




christian klauser
09/21/2016 07:05

guten tag
ist dieser wagen immer noch aktuell zu verkaufen?
besten dank fuer ihren bescheid
gruss chris klauser


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