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Porsche 928 Coupe D-Mark H flag original state 1978 Bj . First series ! Paint & upholstery new 4400 cc . 177 KW circuit climate cruise control Kat Alu State 2 + The vehicle is on Mallorca ... a transport to Stuttgart can be organized at any time at a price of € 480.-
like a prized mare put out to pasture, this old girl was plucked from the harshness of central Europe and brought to sunny Palma de Mallorca for a bit of a break. but sun, noisy tourists, and being confined to an Island, however beautiful, can get a trifle long in the tooth.

she's ready to move on.

from the looks of her exterior and interior, life in the Balearic Islands has treated her very well. a fresh coat of paint, hard to tell if they stuck with her original dress of what looks to me like a non-1978 shade of blue, and period correct pinstripe velour in Schwarz.

what I don't understand is why it looks, well, unfinished in the engine room. somethings seems off to me since the owner/seller has gone through the trouble of freshening up the cosmetic end of things but stop short of completion.

it looks to be the M28.01 engine in there, only a quick peek at the engine number will prove that. but there's no air box cover, no air filter, no snorkels, and there looks to be a what looks like a condiment jar cap over the windshield washer fluid fill neck. aside from the original and badly aged air hose going to the auxiliary air valve, duct tape over the air pump hose, and the original fuel lines, the engine seems to have most of what it came from the factory with...some of it still original and never touched since it left Zuffenhausen.

I'm not sure how many of these '78s are left in Western Europe, but the numbers can't be too high when you break it down between each country...I doubt there's more than the fingers on your hand on the island she currently resides in. at any rate, she's been saved and somewhat preserved...I only wish the seller was more generous with the description, I bet there's lots of good things in there we're not seeing.

sounds like an excuse to head out to Mallorca, it's very nice this time of year...especially since the loud party-goers have gone the hell back to where ever they're from—yea, I'm an ornery sonofabitch.


yep, according to my '78 interior fabric chart, it looks like the correct velour on this one!


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