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1982 Porsche 928 S Real Barn Find very nice and clean, we went over the car and Flushed all fluids, new air filter, new alternator, new hood and trunk shocks, new spark plugs, seats need a little TLC (I have a new leather cover for both front seats custom make for it) replaced the battery and fresh gas and started right up runs like new, drives like new......all original, tires are good and had wheel remanufactured to factory specs. ONLY 57,000 ORIGINAL MILES...........NOT MANY LEFT WITH THAT MILEAGE!!! REAL COLLECTOR CAR!!!
  • front spoiler - 928 505 071 03
  • rear spoiler - 928 512 071 02
  • rear spoiler left - 928 512 073 02
  • rear spoiler right - 928 512 074 02
  • 928 S logo - 928 505 335 04

those parts are what it took to make a pre-1987 S out of your US-version 928 and make everyone believe you had the goods. thing is you were missing one of the most important ingredients, the 300hp M28.11...or in this case the M28.12 because you had option M249; the automatic.

oh, and the rear spoiler (928 512 078 04) is a few generations off too as that one belongs on the S4...beginning in 1987.

save for the later rear wing, I really do like the early S look, it compliments this body style beautifully. what strikes me about this car is its seeming and potential honesty, it looks well for its age. of course the thing could’ve been wrecked for all we know, but that’s up to you to find out.
I’ve not been a big fan of this particular vintage, but that’s all changed because this 928 is slightly better on paper than the earlier CIS models because Porsche was getting their grove on with this model and learned what they could improve. for instance, it received the slightly more flexible L-Jetronic fuel injection system, an updated steering rack, beefier alternator, and a modified driveshaft. let’s not forget that the typ M28.15/16 put out 20 more lb-ft of torque than the original M28.03/04 lump found in the ’78-’79 US-spec cars. 

The suspension in the front sported a new geometry while at the rear, a new tubular steel 22.5mm anti-roll was used. There was also a new front sub frame, wiper motor, and clutch pedal. On the inside, sport sears were available as an option and the iconic button on the side of the seat to access the back was replaced by a lever. The lovely Lapine designed 3-spoke steering wheel was replaced by the 4-spoke as standard fare midway in production back in ‘81. 

the thing that I dig? the consumption indicator built into the tachometer unique to the '82s…that in and of itself would be enough for me to consider adding this one to our collection; I just a sucker for small techy details such as this.

who cares if it’s not an S, you just get the look for less is all.

yea, so I'm shallow.


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