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This is a very special car, it is one of the 928 CS prototypes (motor type M28/41SP, gearbox G28/55), dated 09/88 in absolutely original state and in stunning condition.
To highlight: 

 - Just two owners: first one was a Porsche manager who comes to Spain and afterwards was registered with Spanish plate in 1993 

 - Absolutely original state, including all stickers, wheels, keys, dashboards elements, leather sport seats in extraordinary condition etc. 

 - Complete engine and mechanical parts big stop revision: supports, injection, timing, power steering, gearbox, clutch, gaskets, etc. This engine has an impressive performance (maybe much more CV than declared). 

 - Full service one month ago: sparks, oil, every filter, brake fluid, steering fluid, battery, gauges, lambda, A/A gas replaced - Wheels recently restored and new tyres (Bridgestone Potenza S02), with just 500 km. 

 - Sound system with a very rare original equipment Blaupunkt Berlin IQR (Porsche option 326) with all 10 speakers replaced (in their original cases) for high-end quality Coral speakers. 

 There is no problem on any kind of inspection on Porsche Official Service; of course, I can provide carefully to interested people whatever information related to car
what interests me about this very rare version of the 928 in Club Sport guise isn't so much what it is but exactly how many were made. let's break these down for a moment.

so, we know that there was a red CS prototype that was used in a test for Auto Motor und Sport in November of 1986, this car was a 1987 model year (10th position of the VIN reads H).

that's 1.

then the famous four white prototypes made for Porsche's works drivers Hans-Joachim Stück (sporting a forerunner to the PDK transmission derived from the 962 Group C car), Jochen Mass, Derek Bell, and Bob Wollek that were also of 1987 model year vintage (10th position of the VIN reads H).

that's 4+1=5

then comes model year 1988 (10th position of the VIN reads J). this time we have 10 Euro models according to Porsche's records. apparently, there were also 2 US cars in that mix.

so now we have 5+12=17

1989 model year (10th position of the VIN reading K) rolls in and brings with it a total of 7 more Euro CS 928s, per Porsche, to close the books on this legend.

that brings us to a total of 17+7=24

right, that's 24 928 CS models were made and we're not even counting the 42 softened-up versions for the UK market labeled as SE, or Special Edition. that's a very far cry from one source who claims 71 928 CS models were made. so where does this red Spaniard fit in?

well, without a VIN, it's impossible to say, and having a registration date of September 1988 doesn't guarantee it to be a 1988 model year. the variable here is that this particular car belonged to a "Porsche Manager" who decided to go to Spain and take the CS with him.

something about this car makes me want to contact the seller and see what the low-down on this thing is. but right now, it's nearly 1am and I have to get up in 5 hours so I'll have to tell you all about the history pertaining to the 928 CS a bit later.

enjoy the 5 amateur pictures and scant information which may very well lead to a car with a great story to tell.



11/14/2014 06:00

This car is not a 928 S4 ClubSport.
For me it is GT prototype.

It features a CS engine and gearbox but with regular S4 equipment.
By the way, it is a 1989 model-year car (you can spot the digital dash).

A real CS is quite lighter with the removal of a lot of equipment and sound deadning material.

Its different from a production 1989 GT by the engine code (M28/41 SP instead of M28/47), the different equipment codes and the fact that it was produced months before the first production GT.

By the way, I have found two others 1987 prototypes, so far. So at least 3 of them were made, including the "Leichtbau" tested by Auto Motor und Sport.

Mark Pennington
03/24/2015 22:49

Also missing the CS logo on the front fender. I have pics I took of Manfred Kramer's Black CS a few years ago in Switzerland... If only I can find them...


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