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For sale this Genuine 944 turbo Cup that made the trophy " Porsche Turbo Cup" in 1988/89 and 90 It has benefited from the latest developments " Snobeck " in 1990 : Power 290cv , scoops AV splitter brake Tilton . Eligible for Championship History France FFSA circuits in the 2015 Gt Classic Trophy .
Just won the Class B trophy "GT Classic" in 2014 as part of HVM Racing Racing / FFSA. His career in 2014 visible - 

File bills since 1996. Possibility to have a lot more edge : engine; set of wheels magnesium Telephon 8 "and 9" (origin) ; platelets; oil, tires etc ... . Will be fully reviewed before the sale Can be delivered on flatbed trailer Auto price only : € 31,000 Lot full board: € 5,500 Available for sale in November . First Contact by email only .
I thought this posting would be a quick one...turns out I've just spent the better part of the morning consuming a modest slice of this Cup car's tasty history on a French auto enthusiast's forum.

meet Canary.

if you're going for a Turbo Cup 944, then this 1988 French-spec car should be one to consider for one very important reason; they put down close to 300bhp.

there is word, unofficially, that 40 units with this power output were made exclusively for the French market since they were the only ones using 944 in the Turbo Cup series when the rest of Europe moved it into the Carrera Cup series after 1990. these special cars were equipped with a "kit" made by a company called SNBE Snobeck (Magny-Cours); this upgrade was often referred to as the Snobeck kit. what this special little package contained was a remapped Bosch Motronic ECU, 3 bar fuel pressure regulator, a modified wastegate, and colder spark plugs. 

Porsche erred on the side of being conservative claiming a modest claim of around 290bhp, something they are wont to do in case someone decides to put the thing on a dyno and have it spit out less than the factory claim. the fact is, some enthusiasts did just that and shouted out with glee that this Cup car was good for 300-305bhp and 318 lb-ft of torque.

the 1987-1988 Turbo Cup cars also sported a larger capacity magnesium oil pan, an intake manifold also made of magnesium, a larger KKK Turbo, ABS, 8J x 16 and 9J x 16 magnesium Phone Dial wheels shod with 245 and 255 slicks, larger cross-drilled 282mm front and 289mm rear discs from the 928 S4, steel synchronizer rings, increased clutch clamping pressure with a glued rather than riveted plate, and a cat-less, free flowing exhaust (the German versions used a metal matrix cat). rounding out the suspension were Bilstein shocks, stiffer springs, a thicker front sway bar, and no power steering.

a few things that separates the post '87 Cup cars from the '86 version was a strut brace, fiberglass hood, and more robust front wheel bearings with increased distance between the ABS wheel sensor and the brake disc alleviating the ABS from working intermittently. 

on the inside, lots of the interior trim was removed, no radio or speakers, no glovebox, no air-con, no back seats, no central locking, no engine lighting or hood struts, and no fog lamps. what it did have was wind-up windows,  light-weight VW-style plastic outside mirrors, front brake air ducting in place of the foglamps,  Recaro driver's seat with Sabelt 5-point safety harness, a full steel safety cage, a button to disconnect the ABS, a seven position Tilton brake splitter, external engine cut-off moved from the passenger side to the driver side, and 4kg fire-extinguishers. when all was said and done, they came in at their fighting weight of just under 2,600 lbs.

incidently, these cars were built alongside their road-going brethren in Neckarsulm but then taken to Wilfried Matter's workshop in Brushsal for "Cup" specification preparation ending out their tour of production in Zuffenhausen to be stored.

Gilbert, the owner/seller of this example, was kind enough to share "Canary's" diary through the forum from when he purchased the car, until his announcement to sell. in between the beginning and end, we get a glimpse of modifications he made, racing footage, and even inviting us to the dark days of when the number 4 cylinder developed a crack in the middle of a race necessitating an engine transplant from another 951 Turbo.

of course, this one very important milestone in the car's history means that it no longer has the original engine (at the time of the last entry in the forum), which will deduct points in originality, but it still has the goods that made this last and best of the Turbo Cup evolution a 300bhp monster.


here's the link to the forum:

the engine transplant

life with Canary

in her element



10/14/2014 04:44

I know this 944, his previous and actual owner pretty well !

Here is a pic taken in Lurcy raceway in 2009 (I'm behind the wheel of the 928 in the background)


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