968 Coupe based 
BRD vehicle 
EZ 03/1992 
182 TKM 
for 5 years by the refiner 
GT 2 fender 
18 inch wheel with wheel spacers 
new tires 
size 225 and 265er tires 
Porsche 944 Turbo CUP racing chassis 
sports air filter 
with Eprom, metal-Kat 100Zeller previous stainless-steel sport exhaust system, with now 265 hp 
Momo steering wheel from Japan, Orig.Airbag steering wheel while 
Porsche RC 
Various emblems, Porsche aluminum handbrake lever etc. 
bucket seats with electric. Schroth harness belts, 
original 968 Turbo rear spoiler 
is mint green original paint, newly painted 
black surface is foiled, can be removed

Veh drives. Extremely accurate and is technically in top form!

as I look at these images, I'm not sure what to think of this bastard 968.

part of the problem lies in the tacked-on fender flares. I made a post earlier today of a yellow 968 with what looks like the same kit and spewed a bit of gaff on it. I think I said something to the effect of the flares not complimenting the 968's already perfect design; the responses were about equal on likes and dislikes, but that wasn't the reason I made the comment to begin with.

to do right by the 968's lines and those who penned them, more thought should've been put into their design. so rather than looking like prosthetic hips and shoulders, they should've been blended into the lines. I'll give you two very well known examples of properly executed flares on Porsches—the 1973 2.8 911 RSR and the 924 GTP (aka the 944 prototype) below:
keeping it all one color lessens the visual pollution.
I get it, it's a look; and similar to RAUH Welt's kit, it gives the car a much more aggressive look that appeals to some. am I being a bit nit-picky? sure, I awoke this morning and chose to be difficult is all. I dunno, tomorrow I might do a 180 and tell you flat out that I love the look—it's the cross I bear.

aside from all of my gibberish, this 968 has the kick to match the look with an extra 25hp over stock and may have all it needs to take her straight to the track without much ado after removing the silly brushed silvery appliqué bits all over the dash. it's a sports car not a blender you ninny.


here's the link to the listing:

and if you were at all curious on how to slap this body kit on your 968, follow this link:


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