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Porsche prospekt / presse information extrem selten 928 auto des jahres 1978 + voting book car of the year 1978

nur einmal ist ein sportwagen auto des jahres geworden... die 928 !! diesen komplette und extrem selten presse information steht 1 mal in welt zum verkauf

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Brochure Porsche / presse information  car of the year 1978.. 928  voting book car of the year ultra rare and complete presse kit

just 1 for sale in the whole world !!

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the 928 still remains the only sports car to ever win the Car of the Year Award...something the 50 year old elfer couldn't do. in fact, it has been the only Porsche in history to have been given these honors; and that's exactly why I would buy this very exclusive kit for my friend Jim Doerr—er, if I could somehow convince the seller to lower his price a bit.

I've never seen anything like this. the seller makes a tall claim to having the only one for sale on the entire planet, this sales pitch seems unnecessary to Porsche history junkies like Jim and already sold itself without a word.

the most intriguing aspect of this kit are the comments made by those who were lucky enough to be on the panel of judges. I'd like to know exactly how the 928 scored 261 points and what the second place BMW 7-series with 231 points and the Ford Granada with a distant 203 points lacked. with Paul Frere as the jury president, no greenhorn when it comes to four wheels, I'm willing to bet the juiciest comments were his.

I can only image Dr. Fuhrmann's beaming smile as Prince Rainiero handed him the award for what was surely to be his opus in Zuffenhausen...well deserved I'd say, well deserved.



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