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I have a 1984 Porsche 944 for sale (asking $3500 or best offer)

This Porsche:
-Turns heads like you wouldn't believe
-gets 32 miles to the gallon (I have only ever used premium fuel)
-is Inspected until August 2015
-Very solid car
-Reliable daily driver

Things that I have replaced in the last year:
-new fuel pump and fuel filter and fuel relay
-brand new all season tires
-fixed alternator, brand new battery
-new (used) tachometer
-replaced one of the hood shocks
-new head gasket, timing belt, alternator belt, power steering belt, pretty much cleaned the engine down to the exhaust
-new tie rods

Things to fix (if you feel the need):
-Minor oil leak
-slight whiny noise from the timing belt, noticeable but not unbearable
-Interior is decent for an '84 but could use an update and some replacing
-exterior, has minor nicks, nothing serious
-Painted by the previous owner, from a distance it doesn't look too bad, but it's cracking and peeling in a few spots.

Also with the car, you will get some miscellaneous parts including a few lights, head lights, seals, oil filters brake pads, etc.

I'm asking $3500 or best offer. I hope to sell it before winter.

For a 30 year old car, it runs great and will no doubt turn heads as you drive through town. I think the amount of attention I receive when I drive it may bother my wife, who wishes that I sell it, plus we could use the money. I have been using this as my daily driver and I will be deeply saddened when it has to go. To my knowledge it hasn't seen a winter. It gets about 32 miles to the gallon and I only run premium fuel in it. It has been on long drives (to Albany and back, 4 hours one way) and short drives with no problems. Thanks for looking!
I like this guy's ad for two reasons, possibly three.

he has genuine free range chickens in a few of the images, and he took the time to write not only a grammatically correct ad, but seemed quite honest in his description of what would otherwise be a hard sell which brings me to the third possible reason.

the owner went out of his way to choose rubber that provides a sort of trompe-l'œil giving us the impression that it wears fashionably larger wheels than it really has. a clever trick artists used in wallpaper slapping it with a fanct French name which simply means "deceive the eye." I only wish it really did. I hate the look, but love the intelligent thought that went behind the decision which would certainly piss off the self-mutilating purists and a few 944 enthusiasts alike.

judging by the other car in the background, he clearly has a preference for this awful color of choice usually reserved for rental cars, which leads me to ask why the hell the previous owner chose this over the original guards red.  

while the '84 vintage remained pretty much unchanged from the 944 launched in 1982, a few bits became standard with this vintage that would last until the last 944 made. one was the optional power-steering becoming standard, and an electrically operated rear hatch release was made standard. other notable chnages were the 928's forged Gullideckel wheels becoming an option for the first time, as was the optional Porsche script seats.

aside from what I've just mentioned, unless you have to have an '84 with white walls, a vomitous color with a racing stripe down the middle of the hood with what looks like the word "douche" written on it, and no sunroof, I'd keep shopping around; especially for that price. 

there's never a shortage of normally aspirated 944s—it remains a buyer's market.




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