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We have a Early Euro 944 for sale. Non S, Non Turbo, Manual Steering,/No A/C 

Runs and Drives

Great running 2.5L 5 SPD. Car This is a European model (VIN ZZZ) without amenities. No Sunroof. It does have power windows.
"whoa whoa whoa...back up, love; I think I just saw a Euro '44—goddamn, will ya look at that! hold my beer and hang tight, I'll be right back."

and that was all it took. after patting yourself on the back for spotting such a rarity on Amuhrican soil, you're tempted to seal this deal. what's not to love? no sunroof, no electric windows, no air-con, and manual steering done just right sparing your forearms looking like Popeye's.

4500 quid might be a bit steep for an early '85 with black broom sticks where metal door reinforcements should be, but I think this dealer will probably sit on it a little longer than he thinks. truth is. only a true history nut like myself and Jason Gonzalez would leap at the opportunity to take this baby home.

yes she's a little rough, and yes, she needs more than a wash and a bikini trim; but at the end of the day, it's a 944 worth saving and bringing back to a dignified state before some yabo decides this is a good racing candidate.

don't let history go to waste...




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