el jefe

Beautiful car with a targa roof and locking differential 
HU 05/2015 
Color: Kalharibeige-metallic 
Year of construction 1986 
ca.265 000 km 
(Speedo change at 131240 km, therefore the 5-digit odometer: 32137) 
Seats made ​​of artificial leather / fabric Porsche 

     • M220 locking differential 40% 
     • M404 front and rear stabilizer 
     • M440 manual antenna, 4 speakers (radio extended) 
     • M650 removable roof, electrical (targa top) 
     • M651 electric windows 
     • M657 Power Steering 
Summer and winter tires each on 15 inch rims Phone 
     • May 2009 Pirelli summer tires 
     • December 2011 Vreden stone Snowtrac 3 winter tires 

no balance shaft belt 
black dashboard has typical cracks 

Engine repair at 131240 km (Porsche) 
March 2012 new silencer 
October 2014 new starter battery 
The car may at any time by prior arrangement 
be visited. 
Location is Berlin Wedding 

For sale by owner! 
no guarantee or warranty
"ah..." you may say, "it's just another 924...there's plenty of those." but you'd be an idiot in saying so because with only 3,536 made, it's almost a rarity to see a first year 924 S—even rarer still, one with LSD.

this is very important little car that packs a good amount of historical significance. you see there's a little known fact the Porsche was at one point intending the 924S to be the 944, that is to say they planned on putting Porsche's newly made four-cylinder lump into the 924's slender physique. when CEO Schutz saw the 924 Carrera GT's aggressive styling, he was sold on that design and declared that the upcoming new 944 should follow that.

what Porsche did with the S is essentially add the 944's engine in a detuned state by knocking back the compression from 10.6:1 to 9.7:1 going from 163bhp to 150bhp. had Porsche not done this, the 924 S would've given the 944 a pants-down spanking in the speed department, since it slices through the air far better than the swollen-fendered 944 with a .33cd. the S would then be uprated to 160bhp towards the end of it's life in 1988.

that being said, you may be taking a leap of faith with this particular specimen. the seller claims "no balance shaft belt," and some "engine repair" made by Porsche which means you need to do some serious investigation before committing to it especially since this car never left the Fatherland...i.e. driven hard and probably put away a wee bit wet. still, though, she's worth it for the LSD gearbox if nothing else...it would make a kick-ass commuter car to boot!

viel Erfolg mein schatz!





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