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2000 Chrome Porsche Boxster with 110000 miles on it. Own the only chrome boxster in the world. Heads turn where ever you go. This is a chrome wrap. Have over 7 grand in wrap and wheels. Asking $11500.00 OBO call for more info. 
Eight five 0 - five four 1 - 3 eight 8 one
Do not text me with any BS. I will not send you any info or the car anywhere till I have cash in hand.

No low ball offers !!! I don't have to sell !! 
Trade for 2004 or newer Ford F150 4x4 or F250 -350 7.3 or 6.4
blah blah blah...I don't have to sell—blah blah blah, no low ball offers; I'll kill you, rape your wife, and burn your house down if you so much as text me with bullshit.

yeah, yeah...OK, I get it tough guy...aside from puffing your chest and waving your 9 in the air, your 986 is B I T C H I N' ! I mean, wow...a chrome Boxster, now that's something to consider parking next to your vintage Porsches; you'll draw in more crowds than Brüno showing up at the next Porsche parade in a 918 dressed in ass-less Lederhosen. the best thing about this gig? it's a wrap!!! you can peel it off when the novelty fades.

love it! 

this guy not only did it right, he priced it right. if I had the space, this would be on the grounds of my estate. my wife would absolutely LOVE this car and use it every chance she gets, especially since she can use the thing as a ginormous mirror to apply her lip gloss. hell,. now that I think about it; it's the ultimate chick magnet too since they'd all use it as a mirror to check out their get-up. I even dig the wheels...not too ghetto and complimentary to the lines of this baby.

forget the IMS bullshit, never mind the service records, and don't even think about low-balling the dude; this shit is top of the pops.

pfff...outlaw Porsches; this thing trumps 'em all.


you'll turn more heads than brüno and his ilk...


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