el jefe

thankfully, I don't have children...but if I did, this are the exact kind of toy I would buy for them. in an age where tangible objects are becoming less relevant by the minute, this sort of thing would be a breath of fresh air and a step in the right direction for our future generations.
look at this thing...it just oozes coolness. here you have a very good replica of an iconic Porsche with an intelligently thought out point to it. I gotta pay props to the French, this is the kind object Roland Barthes could write volumes on.

you have an engine with removable parts and the tools to do the job...think about that for a moment. isn't that how your father started your education in all things automotive? the difference is that we did it with the real thing, if you simply didn't have the time or knowledge to show your offspring the basics of mechanics, this is the next best thing.

today, more than ever, we need to wean our young'uns with stuff like this. sure, they can create sophisticated software before they understand the fundamentals of potty training, but will they know how to change a tire later in life? I not trying to promote my Luddite ways here, but there seems to be a deficiency in the art of manliness.

wanna change the tide of pussification our metro-sexual, feminized, castrated young men of today seem to be following? this little toy is a good place to start.




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