pablo deferrari

Originally supplied by AFN Porsche and maintained solely by them since to the full UK C16 specification. One previous owner and just 51,000 miles since new. The car has a fabulous supporting history file. The owner, being a hotelier in London, owned the very hotel where Dr. Porsche would stay on his visits to the UK.


  • Full leather interior
  • Electric sunroof
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking
  • Original 5-hole alloy wheels

  • This must be one of the finest original early 928′s in existence.

    I remember it well.

    the moment I slipped behind the wheel of the very first 928, of 1979 vintage, that I had gone to see was nothing short of intoxicating. the smells of the 35 year old leather mixed in with what smells like the batting material used on vintage Mercs seats is something that you'd hope would last the entire car's life...and I haven't even turned the key in the ignition yet.

    some, like myself, insist on calling this the signature "Porsche" scent to be found only on cars nearly as old as myself...I can only imagine what delicious perfume this one had. look at this's as if we were back in 1985 looking at a car that's been very regularly used but well looked after. classically dressed in her best spoiler-less black dress, the one accessory that sets her apart from all of the others and places her back near the year of her birth are those fabulous black herringbones kissing the asphalt...the lovely Pirelli P7s.

    you might have seen an early 928 in the flesh many times, but ask yourself how many of those have been blessed with the legendary square -shouldered rubber under its wells? and that's just the gilding on the vase...

    nearly identical to its predecessors save for a few subtle nuances, the heart of this year's vintage would remain true to the original with it's 4,5 liter eight cylinder fed by the K-Jetronic injection system that many lust after, something the US version was left without. the M28.10 engine, so called since equipped with the automatic, does have a higher 10:1 compression compared to the M28.01/02's 8,5:1. although this gives us the same 240HP at a lower 5250 RPM, it does pack 21 more ft lbs of torque bringing the figure up to 271 ft lbs at the same 3600 RPM as the M28.01/02 by cleverly fiddling with the intake timing setting the valves to open later at 12° after TDC and closing them earlier at 48° after BDC while opening the exhaust valves earlier at 32° before BDC closing them later at 6°before TDC; the new pistons help achieve the higher pressure.

    the excellent 3-speed A22.01 automatic remains the same but differs from the US and Japan spec A22.02. the suspension has been dialed in a bit by upgrading the stabilizer in the front from 26mm to 28mm and increasing the track width by 4mm to 1549mm at curbweight while the rear carries over the 21mm from previous years but also, like the front, has its track width increased by 7mm to 1521mm at curb weight. this is also the fist year we see the 15" wheel coming standard; luckily, this old girl has the better looking 16" with 225/50VR series P7s set at 2,5 bar front and back.

    it would be pointless for me to carry on much further...the images we see offer more to the senses than words ever will. pity about the speakers nailed onto the door cards, such a poor aesthetic decision is enough to make one clench the fists and grit the teeth.



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